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    for iOS

    Clear Day comes with stunning weather animations, 3D animated NOAA radar, a patent-pending Quickview, and much more....

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  • Clear Day for MacOSX

    Animated NOAA radar widget, real-time weather alerts, access to the weather through the menubar, animated weather forecast, and much more...

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About vimov

VIMOV was founded in 2008 with a single goal to enhance the user experience in every aspect of our lives.

First we created iSimulate, without which developers had to shoot low quality video ads for their applications or spend a lot of money on shooting high quality studio grade video. We created iSimulate to help our fellow iOS developers do just that from the comfort of their computer screen.

Then we wanted everyone not just to know their weather, but feel it. We created the Weather HD (now Clear Day). It started a new design trend of incorporating animations to depict the weather, later employed by Microsoft in Windows, Apple in iOS, and others.

Has a passion for beauty and simplicity, and taking fuzzy conceptions into beautiful products.

Amr Ramadan

Can't live knowing someone's life can be improved, whether it's a customer, or any team member.

Osama Abd El Karim

His original habitat is the forest of technical problems, which he solves for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Islam El Muezzin

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Together, the three musketeers were able to grow their business from a personal investment of $1,016 to more than $1M in revenue in less than three years.

In 2011, we received an investment from VC firm Sawari Ventures.

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