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"Now, Weather HD 2 serves as a follow-up to the hit iOS app, adding better graphics, new social elements and severe weather alerts with push notifications."


"They just released their most ambitious version on July 31 in the iTunes App Store, which is visually stunning and offers new features like..."


"Weather HD 2, is one of the finest approaches to data visualization and UI design I’ve ever seen."


"This is a superb, highly compelling weather application."


"If you could only choose one consumer based weather app I think this should be the one."


"Weather HD 2 Delivers Stunning Follow-up to Hit iOS App" "


"Seriously, if you haven’t been using Weather HD yet, now is the time to do so."


"...brings about a whole new iteration of the program, packing all kinds of weather information into a single place with a whole new design and experience."


"vimov’s Weather HD had a very solid beginning, but that hasn’t stopped the developer from adding great new features over the past year-and-a-half."


"The animations in Weather HD for Mac look simply stunning. I'm running the app on a 15-inch MacBook Pro and it just looks incredible."


"What does it take to build disruptive businesses in the midst of a revolution? As it turns out, it requires a culturally uncommon aversion to risk."

The Next Web

"Sawari Ventures launched their first venture fund [while] kicking it off with an initial investment in 2 Egyptian startups."

Mac Stories

"iOS and Mac development studio vimov saw an unpleasant surprise yesterday in the Mac App Store: another developer, Presselite, is selling an application called “Weather HD” in the Mac App Store. "

Huffington Post

"Why browse the weather forecast any other way when you can have a high-definition animated visual experience tailored to the weather?"

The New York Times

"Weather HD elevates the user, placing her at cloud level for a hushed real-time weather tableau that puts the Web’s goofy sunshine-rain-cloud icons to shame."


"vimov took the opportunity to analyze its sales over the iPad’s initial weeks on sale and is now sharing its data and predictions for the iPad marketplace as a whole."

Apple Insider

"The company's $0.99 Weather HD title was among the first iPad-specific apps available in iTunes. It managed to sell nearly 2,000 copies before iPad even became available, placing fourth in iTunes' Top Selling list behind Apple's own Pages, Numbers and Keynote."

The Business Insider

"Weather HD, a $0.99 weather application for the iPad, is currently the number three most popular application in the App Store. It reached those heights even though there are a bunch of great free weather apps available for the iPad. How? An emphasis on design and ease-of-use, says Amr Ramadan."

PC Magazine

"Weather HD does the job in the simplest, prettiest fashion.

The National

"The company’s first iPad application, Weather HD, was available when the device launched to the public on Saturday. The $1 program, which shows users high-quality animations of weather conditions in different cities, has been downloaded at least 10,000 times since."


"Weather HD features beautiful animation for each weather condition."


"Weather HD takes mobile weather apps to a whole new level with stunning HD graphics."


"vimov's Weather HD combines standard weather forecasting with video backdrops."


"Weather HD goes all-out on the eye candy and includes gorgeous high definition videos of various weather conditions, displaying the appropriate one according to the current weather."


"vimov is offering developers writing for the Apple iPad a head-start in testing their apps, using an iPhone as a multitouch controller for Apple’s iPad Simulator."

Cult of Mac

"The guys over at vimov has given Touch Arcade a great first-look at their port of Hexen II a great fantasy-themed FPS built upon the venerable Quake engine in 1997. It’s an impressive port: it runs fluidly, it has a surprisingly innovative control scheme."

Touch Arcade

"Early this morning vimov provided us a sneak peek at their iPhone port of Hexen II."


"Until now, developers had to make educated guesses based on past iPhone development experience, but iSimulate aims to help make the experience a little more painless."


"Anyone struggling with the challenge of developing for the iPad, a platform whose hardware has not yet been released, should welcome iSimulate."


"vimov has added support for Apple’s iPad Simulator to its iSimulate developer utility."


"Hexen II is on its way to the iPhone as well, and Touch Arcade has a few screens and video of that one."