"In use, I found the entire process of interacting with my phone to generate events on the Simulator far easier and more intuitive than I expected." - Erica Sadun, TUAW.

"It's a dandy application and works as advertised." - Dan Grigsby, MobileOrchard.com.

"iSimulate is a great tool when developing applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. Easy to install and easy to use." - Alasdair Allan, author of Learning iPhone Programming, published by O'Reilly Media.

"Multi-touch is a key element of iPhone musical instrument apps such as Pianist and Guitarist. iSimulate has greatly sped up development time of such apps by enabling us to perform initial testing in the simulator rather than having to install the app each time on the device to test. And for iPad application development: without iSimulate, there would really be no other way to test multi-touch input since the hardware is not yet available, so iSimulate has been a life-saver." - Mark Terry, developer of the Pianist and Guitarist iPhone applications.

"iSimulate is a great option for developers." - Jeff Lamarche, iPhone Development Blog.

"A great add-on for the iPhone Simulator." - Noel Llopis, Games from Within.

"I found iSimulate to be a very creative use of technology to solve a real-world development issue... I highly recommend you take a closer look." - John Muchow, iPhone Developer Tips.

"I find iSimulate great value for what it is: a fantastic developer tool. It works as a less expensive alternative to Apple's developer program for hobbyists, or a well-priced addition to what Apple offers. It works as advertised, is incredibly easy to set up and gives you helpful information about the input the device is getting. I'd recommend iSimulate to any iPhone developer, whether hobbyist or professional." - James Dessart, iDevGames.

"Pretty much unqualified recommendation, that's what the verdict is." - Alex Curylo.

"iSimulate shines when it comes to making high quality videos of gameplay that requires multi-touch and accelerometer actions! No more Youtube videos in a dark room!" - Eric Hartzog, developer of Stick Wars.

"iSimulate really makes testing your apps easy and quick." - Rama Krishna, iPhone Developer Labs.

"Wer Entwickler ist und Spiele oder Apps programmiert die solche Funktionen nutzen sollte sein Geld in iSimulate investieren. Der Support ist 1A. Eine Antwort auf fragen bekam ich nach wenigen Stunden. Fur interessierte Nutzer die keine Entwickler sind zahlt sich die Investition keinesfalls aus." Translation: "it's awesome." - Florian Zand, Touch Mania.