iSimulate Features
iSimulate is an application/library pair designed to solve the issue of not being able to use multi-touch and the accelerometer in the iPhone Simulator. Now, with iSimulate on your iPhone or iPod Touch, it wirelessly sends multi-touch events, the accelerometer and compass events, and the GPS location to the iPhone Simulator.
iSimulate Usage Steps

Record Videos of Your Accelerometer, Compass or Multitouch-enabled Applications.
By empowering the iPhone Simulator with accelerometer, compass and multi-touch support, you can now record high quality videos of your iPhone applications through video screen capture utilities.

Save More than 80% of the Time Spent in Installing Applications.
With iSimulate, you no longer have to repeatedly install applications on provisioned devices for every little change, which will save you considerable time. Installing a 20MB application on a provisioned device takes about 36 seconds, while it takes only 6 seconds to run it on the iPhone Simulator.

Test Your Applications Across Different iPhone OS Versions.
With iSimulate, you can test your applications on all versions of the iPhone OS in the iPhone Simulator, without needing to have several devices each provisioned with a different OS version.

Test Your Location-enabled Applications on the iPhone Simulator Without the Need for a GPS-enabled Device.
The iSimulate client can be configured to send different locations around the world to the iPhone Simulator, thus allowing you to test your application as if the device is located in different locations.

Test Your Applications with Different Device IDs.
The iSimulate client can be configured to send different fake Device IDs to the iPhone Simulator, so you can test your application as if it was running on different devices.

Seamless Integration.
Just add a library file to your project, without having to make any modifications to your code.

The iSimulate 1.1 and 1.5 Updates brought a number of all new features including Video Streaming, Device Orientation Notifications and Compass support. Learn more about the updates.

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